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fashion designer from latam
Eugenia Molina is the name of the brand created by Venezuelan designer Maria Eugenia Molina, who started it out in 2012. Maria Eugenia began selling her clothing line in her own boutique in Venezuela but one year after closing  it because of several economical issues happening at that time in the country. Despite all the confusion and disappointments she was facing at that moment, she continued showcasing and participating in runway shows and fashion markets to keep following her dreams. Then in 2014 she decided to move to the US along with her husband.
Besides being a fashion entrepreneur, Maria Eugenia is a ESL teacher, so she applied for a job in a high school in South Carolina to teach Spanish. Even she loved teaching, she wanted to keep working on the Fashion Industry, but it was not easy at the beginning. After four years of working on a personal blog, dropshipping website, you tube channel, she found a  great way to start over, in this foreign country, by launching her own handbag collection, which she named "Bon week-end".

"Bon week-end" is a collection designed for those passionate and  hardworking women who love fashion but at some point afraid of incorporating different colors in her personal style. So this collection of bags are made of leather in vivid and vibrant colors. The quality is amazing and it is the perfect way to start wearing color in an easiest way as it is in accessories. 

"I just wanted to show women that wearing and having colors in our outfits can be possible by adding a beautiful and colorful handbag and still wearing neutral colors like black and gray",
"These purses are the perfect color complement to your look", Eugenia says.

Eugenia Molina 

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