Say Hello to Cartagena Mini Tote Bag - Eugenia Molina

Say Hello to Cartagena Mini Tote Bag

Cartagena Mini Tote Bag

smooth leather blue designer bag



Color: Classic Blue and Orange

A colorful ribbon strap lends glamorous polish to our Cartagena unique silhouette. Sized to hold your daily essentials, this smooth leather mini tote bag is perfect for days on the go. Consider it a wear-with-everything accessory to add to your closet this season.

This bag has a flap that clicks shut, two  front zipped pockets for quick access, and a removable strap option for toting or shouldering. What more could you ask for?

Our Cartagena mini tote is defined by its unique and feminine silhouette, functional, and roomy, interior. It features a luxury lining.

This beautiful bag is available online NOW!

blue orange leather mini tote bag by designer brands


classic blue color of the year smooth leather mini tote by designer brand.


blue smooth leather designer tote bag



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