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How To Style Cowboy Boots with Jeans

Howdy girls!!

Cowboy boots are everywhere and they are a not only a statement piece but a Must Have in your wardrobe in this moment. In our brand we love these types of boots, and in this post I want to show you how to style these beautiful boots in different denim looks.

pink cowboy boots for women botas vaqueras

1. Style them with your favorite pair of Jeans, no failure!

This is a general fashion rule, if you are not a fashionista but you definitely want to start putting more effort in your image, and how you look, incorportating denim pieces is a good way to start. Combining denim pieces with cowboy boots will definitely elevate your look. 
The best thing is that you can play with a lot choices, starting from your favorite pair of jeans with just a regular white t-shirt and also moving forward by adding more playful pieces like a dressy shirt, a classical white shirt, or even a pretty body top, for instance. 
Something that is really important to mention is that you can either wear your jeans inside or outside you boots, it depends on you desire, both ways, I have to say, look very pretty. 
How To Style Cowboy Boots with Jeans
Zara Tshirt
pink cowboy boots 
cowboy boots with zara tops
Zara Tops
zara shirt with cowboy boots
Zara shirt

2. Wear them with denim skirts. 

Denim skirts are very trendy now, and I think they will be in here for so long. I like them because they are very feminine but most imortantly very comfy. I propose you can style a maxi / midi denim skirt with cowboy boots if you want to elevate your look, 

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